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Los Angeles unarmed security guard for hire

Prime International Security has proudly helped clients in the Los Angeles area with a variety of security needs. We are California’s largest #1 provider of security for homes and businesses. We specialize in armed and unarmed security services for construction sites, film locations, shopping centers, industrial complexes, office buildings, apartments, hotels, hospitals, schools, airports, special events, garages, warehouses, parking lots, retail stores, malls, condominium associations, banks, and drive-by patrols. When you choose to receive an unarmed guard service with us, you will get more than just the average security service. We will go above and beyond to ensure your maximum safety. Our security personnel who is competent in offering protection and maintaining order.

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We promise to assist you in advance planning, threat assessment, planning, issue prevention, crowd control, and if necessary, crisis help and response. Our unarmed security services are perfect for a variety of events, businesses, government and industrial buildings, and more. Our guards are always positioned at a building and patrol the secured area thoroughly. If necessary for your business, they will check people in and out of buildings. Our guards will also observe and report anything suspicious or out of the ordinary every hour.


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    […] Unarmed Security Ontario monitor a person, premises, hall, or office building. Their duties are crime prevention, investigating suspicious activity, monitoring surveillance videos, and reporting to a police officer if need be. An unarmed guard can arrest an offender if need be. The daily work of a security guard depends on their role. A retail security guard will prevent theft, and monitor videos, while a security guard at a concert hall may check bags for illegal devices. […]

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